Part 4 – Article Example

IDEOLOGIES THAT ARTEFACTS CONVEY al Affiliation) Key words: Ideologies, Artifacts Introduction Artifacts refer to disciplines of art or in the contemporary society they can be referred to as ambassadorial items of a given principle or cause.
The book Feminine Mystique (1963) is feminism based narrative written by Betty Friedan. Friedan relates how women in the early 1950 and 60s faced grave problems due to their gender orientation, she terms the brutality accosted on feminism as ‘a problem with no name’. Women are portrayed as vessels of lifelong condemnation to obligations set by the norms of the society expectations. Friedan recollects how she had to stop perusing her passion in psychology to become a housewife. Ideally, the author (Friedan) poses the fact that equality is primal in the development of humanity and no gender is lesser than the other, yet as a matter of fact they should supplement each other (Casey Friedan 1963)
Picturesque ideology is very captivating and relates to ages all through to medieval times. A remarkable example is the Vieton Scalivary (Ukraine) artistic sculpture of President Lyndon B. Johnson (36th president of the U.S.A).The pictorial aspect of the sculpture is resounding since it gives a deep liberal aspect in that president Johnson is strategically placed at the center of the layout of what seems to be the global world. His limbs connect to all continents showing that behind Vieton’s mind there was the thematic prelude of liberalism outbreak from the rule of President Johnson
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