Philosphy Of Law Reflection 7 – Article Example

Philosophy of Law The cases under consideration discuss the status of homosexuals. Each of the cases shed the light on their position and the discrimination they suffer from. In every case the respondents were judged and complainants were refused the help only because they were homosexual.
The first case describes the event that happened in 1987 to laboratory coordinator. He was working in the College and had a good record, but everything was changed after he disclosed that he was homosexual. He was fired immediately for absolutely no reason. When he applied to court, his application was denied as it was not stated clearly in the Act that he was fired because of his orientation. The second case Laurence vs. Texas deals with the problem of homosexual marriages. From the case it becomes clear that though some amendments were made to the laws of the state, the issue of homosexual marriages still seem problematic. The third case Halpern v. Canada deals with the definition of marriage. It declares about the necessity of changing this definition as it violates the rights of homosexuals defining marriage as relations between a man and a woman. The fourth case tells us about the violation of criminalizing sodomy in Georgia in 1982. The respondent had an act with another male in his place. The court postponed the punishment to the second possible case. However, the crime did not take place as another male was not against the act and even invited the respondent to his place.
The cases testify that the roots of the treatment of homosexuals lie in our past. In 1980s the laws about homosexuality were not democratic and gays still suffer discrimination.