Politics – Article Example

Section/# Summary The article in question, Politico’s “The Politics of Education Upended” relates the changing tides that threaten to dislodge and disenfranchise one of the most vocal and powerful lobbies within the American political system; that of the teachers unions. Beginning by chronicling the way in which governs from New Mexico, New Jersey, and Wisconsin have sought to reduce and undermine the level of power that the teachers unions possess in the process of bargaining for higher wages and more benefits, these shareholders within the GOP have struck out at one of the most stalwart supporters of the Democratic Party (Glenschein, 2013). Although the GOP has not likely lost any support taking part in such an action, the level to which they have gained support from their base that is strongly opposed to unions and partly to the educational system itself has likely be greatly increased.
The reasoning for going after the teachers unions is described in the article as based upon two goals. The first of these is to provide a different operating environment for the educational system and the second is to steal from the base of support that the Democratic Party has enjoyed over the past several decades. The article explains that due to the fact that the teachers unions have donated huge amounts of money to the Democratic Party, they were a tempting target for the GOP. What is mentioned in the final pages of the article is the fact that although one might expect their friends in the Democratic Party to come to their rescue, this has mostly not been the case.
Glenschein, D. (2013, March 15). The politics of education upended - Jennifer Epstein - POLITICO.com. Retrieved from http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/49706_Page3.html