Reading Response – Article Example

Reading Response – Chapter 11 I am more concerned about a nuclear weapon that is in the hands of a terrorist organization than the nuclear weapons in the hands of government that disagrees with or is in war with USA. This is because terrorist organizations are willing to use weapons to cause insecurity in USA, and are more rampant than inter-government conflicts. Nuclear weapons give terrorist groups power to dominate the US and destroy it using nuclear weapon. In case of disagreements with other nations, which usually occur, the US can be attacked by terrorists or that have nuclear weapons. This is a big threat to human lives in the US. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a terrorist can kill people up to millions in number, which makes me very concerned about nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists.
The world should come together through political organisation and form international policies that regulate the use of nuclear weapons so that action can be taken against a country or terrorist groups that engage in nuclear weaponry. The situation can be handled by bringing together various government leaders from various countries of the world to discuss the course of action against those who use nuclear weapons. Terrorism can be dealt with through war – fighting against terrorism or through negotiations – negotiating with the terrorist groups to convince to stop their aggressions. This can be handled through government intelligence. Terrorism and the use of nuclear weapons are dangerous and can be approached through the use of political policies across various nations. Government leaders have the sole responsibility to protect its citizens using its political tools and power.