Reading Summary – Article Example

Though in terms of economic growth China has been one of the successful countries, public relation still remain a challenge. The challenges come as aresult of hindrance emerging from the traditional ways of doing things. Since the public relations consultants in china are young people between the ages of 25-27, senior consultants should be imported into the country from countries that have advanced public relations countries such as Asian countries, Taiwan and Singapore1. The imported experts should also train the young consultants to be able to drive the market in their own. Small Chinese companies should buy more of communication experts instead of relying on their own PR that are bribed through gifts.
I believe that if young consultants are allowed to grow up in an industry, they will mature to be experts in balancing the creative campaigns with a bigger understanding on the unfamiliar media environment. The government should relax the laws that tighten the media freedom since it affects the public relations. For the media relations to succeed in china, organizations like Weber Shandwick who after the government made changes to the consortium of companies and demands that the issue should not be covered in the media due to it sensitivity, they managed to apply its own means until the matter was reported. The journalist should also be paid well to avoid circumstances where the rich who are hosting an event will not pay the journalist to attend the events. The PR should be harnessed through incorporation PR practitioners and developing good relationship with journalist. The practitioners should also organize events and entertainment so as to educate the people and makes the image of the industry bright.
David Liu and Diane Wu. The Challenges of Public Relations in China. Weber Shandwick.
Accessed on 27/04/2012 from