Reflection On Nelson And Rawlings' Reading About Arts – Article Example

Reflection on Nelson and Rawlings reading about arts The article by Nelson and Rawlings has a reflection to Chinese traditional landscape painting. To start with, the article stresses on the need of having a phenomenological attitude. The attitude is aimed at seeing the world on a fleshly way which is similar to Chinese traditional painting. Chinese paintings have been expressed by having a phenomenological attitude by the fact that they embraced shifting their perspective from the obvious art which was already in existence. Chinese artists’ works show that they have broken away from the restriction of time and space and have embraced perspective. In addition to this, the article embraces having open mindedness among painters which relates to Chinese traditional landscape painting in the sense that it considers everything and expresses themselves freely(Nelson and Rawlings, 2007).
Traditional Chinese painting is a combination of all aspects of art which include: poetry, painting calligraphy and seal engraving. This is similar to the article by Nelson where phenomenologist recommends that modes like poetry and art are recommended beside the scientific mode. The study also shows that creativity is necessary in any sort of art (Nelson and Rawlings, 2007). The same can be said for Chinese traditional landscape painting as artist shows levels of creativity by their expression. For example, a bridge was expressed by usage of a few strokes of lines so as to show that it is over the river. The article also relates to Chinese traditional landscape painting in the sense that it embraces a description in painting rather than explaining. Paintings done by Chinese traditional artists are descriptive in nature as they show a picture of what ever they want to express.
Nelson, B. & Rawlings, D. (2007). Its own reward: A phenomenological study of artistic creativity. Journal of Phenomenological Psychology, 38, 217-255