Research Assignment – Article Example

Article Analysis (Shifman) studied the Youtube meme anatomy. Youtube is an insignia of the participatory culture. Ever since its launch in 2005, Youtube has grown as a video-sharing platform where thousands of videos are daily uploaded by users from all across the globe. Shifman used the analytic tool of the ‘meme’ concept to identify the factors commonly found in the memetic videos. These are popular clips on the website which offer intense user engagement through innovative derivatives. The researcher assembled 30 popular memetic videos on the basis of user-generated playlists and popularity-measurements on Youtube. Six common features were identified through a combined quantitative and qualitative methodology, which included “focus on ordinary people, flawed masculinity, humor, simplicity, repetitiveness and whimsical content” (Shifman). The article concludes with discussion of the increasing popularity of mimicking on Youtube as well as the modern digital culture in general, linking this to a variety of participation logics.
This article would be classified as part of cultural studies because for one, the article is based on the study of meme anatomy on a website that is globally accessible and contains content uploaded by the users from all the different sorts of cultural backgrounds. Secondly, the article forms part of cultural studies because the videos on Youtube are commented upon by people belonging to all cultures. This provides insight into a multicultural analysis of the content. The attributes identified in the article render a video incomplete, thus creating the room for further modification and creative dialogue in a multicultural setting.
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