Research Ethical Issue – Article Example

Research Ethical Issue Ethics is significant in research so that a clear understanding of the research is derived. Therefore, when conducting a research on any subjects, rules and guidelines need to be followed to ensure ethical breach is avoided at all cost. When carrying out the research, the following principles ought to be followed; voluntary participation meaning that when undertaking the research participants of the research work must be willing to contribute in the research and not forced or lured in any way (Resnik, 2009). In addition, the participants ought to be fully informed of the research and any risk involved in undertaking the research work. Confidentiality is also a significant factor; all information provided by participants in the research work ought to be private and confidential to protect diverse opinions of participants (Resnik, 2009).
A cloning pioneer in Korea was forced to resign from his work because of an ethical violation when he was conducting his research (Horner, 2005). The researcher violated the principle of informed consent and lied when he was asked about the origin of the female eggs he used in his research. In addition, the researcher coerced female participants of the research to donate their eggs in the research work. A proper research has to be conducted without violation of any principle (Horner, 2005). In addition, the participants of the research need to be aware of the research and the risks involved in the research work. The cloning pioneer lied when he was asked about the origin of the eggs he used for the research work. Research is conducted to give answers to various questions.
Ethical issue is crucial in any research work; therefore, a violation of any rule makes the research work irrelevant (Freedman, 2004). Therefore, ethics should be highly respected and adhered in any research work. Violations of any principle should be avoided at all cost.
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