Response To Classmates-parenting And Gender – Article Example

Parenting and gender affiliation Parenting and gender It is visible and obvious that the role of both men and women havesurpassed the traditional family setting. However, Aulette (2010) is still of the assumption that men should seek employment to remain relevance in the society. The modern society embraces men in the family setting with a different mandate. Men and women share similar family mandates. For instance, men can take up a family role and still have relevance in the society. In addition, women seeking employment has become a normal society inclusion. Aulette (2010), however, asserts that this change has negative effects on the family setting. But this can be disputed in the success of the family setting in the modern century as a cause of changing roles of both men and women.
The changing roles of parents have increased the connectivity of both parents with the rest of the family. For instance, dads have taken up the responsibility of increasing the level of socialization in children. On the other hand, moms have retained their original role as caregivers. In the modern society, these roles are achieved with parents having the responsibility to be breadwinners. In addition to their traditional mandate, mums have ventured to the role as breadwinners (Aulette, 2010). This is based on that a healthy financial status in families has become mandatory in the family setting. Moreover, financial contributions made by dads are not enough thus the increased trend on role sharing in the family setting.
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