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Article review: Circadian oscillations in period gene mRNA levels are transcriptionally regulated. The assert thatphysiological and behavioural actions are expressed as circadian rhythms within eukaryotic and at times prokaryotic organisms. Moreover, the article explains that an endogenous circadian clock is responsible of the daily rhythms. The research article delves on how the operative feedback features of circadian rhythmicity in relation to per gene expression. The research was based on the knowledge that the process of regulating of circadian rhythms in Drosophila melanogaster takes the period (per) gene into account. To this end, the materials and methods used in conducting the experiment involved the consruction of transformation plasmids. This entailed the use of four different per choloramphenical acetyltransferase. The second process entailed germ line transformations which were developed by used of standard procedures. Finally Rnase protection assays were conducted. To this end, the results were indicative that in the abundance of per mRNA, circadian fluctuations are controlled at the transcriptional level. Further results indicated a short half life exhibited by per mRNA. In addition, the presence of 1.3 kilobases of 5’ flanking sequences are represent the sufficient sequences needed in driving per mRNA. The logical conclusion was; the results proved that all the primary properties within the feedback loop were essential components of a circadian oscillator.To this end, two pertinent questions arising from the article are; how is the control of transcription made possible by protein acting directly? In addition, is behavioural circadian rhythmicity controlled by both protein cycling and mRNA?
Hardin, Paul E., Jeffrey C. Hall, and Michael Rosbash. "Circadian oscillations in period gene mRNA levels are transcriptionally regulated." Neurobiology89 (1992): 11711-11715. Print.