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Biology Article Review The purpose of the paper was to determine the factors that influence retinal shedding in vertebrates. To carry out the observation two rats were observed. The paper sought to disclose factors that led too retina shedding under the influence of melatonin due to the influence of circadian oscillator or by the SCN (Grace et al 909).
The title of the paper was not descriptive enough. It was observed that melatonin was produced following response from signals from SCN.SCN was not required in the shedding. The paper determined that melatonin was not required in the retinal shedding. The factors monitored were negative hence were contrary to the aim of the topic. (Grace et al 914).
The goal of the work was to understand whether melatonin controls photoreception in mammals. Mice have used as specimens in research meant for human beings. The work proved that melatonin was not important in the retinal shedding in the human eye. It had been observed that melatonin could cause massive burst of the disk shedding in inhibiting conditions. The researcher hence sought to clarify the role of melatonin in shedding and under which conditions is it produced (Grace et al 917).
It is amazing to find out that melatonin had no significant role in retinal shedding although it is produced in the retina. The revelations raised new questions on really the role of melatonin in the retinal circadian system and the influence it has in dopamine metabolism in the retina (Grace et al 917).
What causes melatonin production in inhibiting conditions that trigger the bursting of the disk shedding?
What is the role of melatonin in the daily changes of photoreceptor function?
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