Set Phasers On Stun – Article Example

Set Phasers on Stun The book on “Set Phasers on Stun” is a fascinating read which exemplifies on how various technological failures occur due to a differing or incompatibility between how people view the designed items, act, and think towards them, and the manner in which these items have been designed. The manner in which human beings perceive or view every design subject determines the success or failure of these designs. This is the main point of contention as ascribed by the book “Set Shasers on Stun.”
Many of the designs in the world today are prone to numerous human errors. In fact, many accidents and deaths due to these designs have occurred due to how humans perceive and handle them. For instance, it is not new to conceive that many users of programming VCR are prone to errors with same designs and hence perceive them with slight stints of negativity. Therefore, these designs have been linked with incompatibilities as those experienced with the supertankers in calm weather. Consumers experience problems with every modern-day design which have myriad technologies yet these designs should have gone well beyond small matters of inconvenience and amusement (Casey 124).
Many designs are prone to occur or surface with the present rate of technology expulsion. It is of huge benefit to encounter such errors as they pave way to other new experiences and technologies in the deign world. Human beings should perceive these designs as myriad ways of changing or rather improving the manner in which they live and interact with the environment. On the other hand, every design should be design in a way that will make humans embrace it with no further inconveniences and errors. This will improve the manner in which these human perceive and think about every new design in the market.
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