Strategic Initiative Paper – Article Example

Pepsi is a flagship company that has significant brand equity and market share. Its market credibility is based on its ethically delivered business goals and quality products. Its business values are also aligned to its goals and objectives that promote sustainable business practice. Financial planning is intrinsically linked to the broader marketing goals. Pepsi conforms to the strict guidelines of corporate governance. Consequently, company files its financial reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission with the highest degree of transparency and disclosure. As a result, it has good market credibility and strong market position. This is also reflected in its share prices at New York Stock Exchange. At the same time, commitment to disclosure and transparency has greatly inculcated trust amongst its stakeholders, shareholders and investors.
These issues vis-à-vis transparency, disclosure, ethical business practices etc. have increased its goodwill amongst the public at large. Pepsi’s business goals are focused on enlarging its customer base through higher customer satisfaction. Thus, its business initiatives affect its market and sales which are revealed through its financial results. If its business initiatives adversely influence the interest or expectations of the people, they are likely to move away from the product and thereby negatively impact its sales and revenue. It would also be reflected in the share prices in the stock market. Moreover, sustainable business practices that promote environment, ethics and social consciousness have increasingly become critical issues with public. Thus, Pepsi’s business initiatives impact sales and revenues and must meet the wider expectations of the people to maintain its robust financial status and market position.
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