Strategic Planning Chapter 4 – Article Example

Due Strategic Planning Question Four: Identify a problem that would benefit from a regional, communitybased strategic approach. Then, define the problem, identify the organizations that should be involved, organizations or their leaders who could take the lead in pulling these organizations together and the actions of these leaders that would compel these organizations to come together( preferably by creating win-win situation rather than using duress). Discuss the first steps of community-based strategic process going.
Community- based strategic planning approach is a tool that is used by many organizations as a way of determining whether or not the main questions targeted are met. That is, where they are, where they want to be, how will they get there and how they will know they are there.
In this case a problem is identified, monitored systematically and designed as a cyclic project with a baseline survey. The monitoring process can be routine that is ongoing basis for the core sets of indicators or short-term basis that is done on a limited period of time.
A good example of a problem is the provision of public health services. Public health Services are the services that are offered by governmental, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders. They have a mandate in the provision of better health services, they are to ensure that the living standards and sanitation are taken into considerations and water safety is present to the community.
Question Five
Research examples of community-based strategic planning. As an example of an effort to assist in regional data collection and increase awareness for collective action.
According to Berman (2006), the local public health department in Nebraska provided services to only 22 of the state’s 93 counties. There was need to evaluate on the effectiveness of the delivery system that require strategic planning. Proper evaluation on the quality of services offered needed to be scrutinized to determine the quality of activities and services offered.
The outcome should examine specific program outcome and accomplishment as well as the impact to gauge the overall program impact of the effectiveness that is the ex-post evaluation. According to research, Central Florida has developed a strategic tool that help leaders in identifying and monitoring the progress of the community and the effectiveness of competitive nations. There was a gap on the funding level of the retirement program. Since the induction of the score card as a strategic tool, that shared and addressed issues, it is now flourishing and growing in the right direction.
Berman, E. M., & Berman, E. M. (2006). Performance and productivity in public and nonprofit organizations. Armonk, N.Y: M.E. Sharpe, Inc.