Summarize The Article – Article Example

Summary of the Articles Article Legitimate ity and Bureaucracy by Max Weber: Max Weber (1864-1920) proposed the concept of bureaucracy as a fundamental system to establish organization and administration within a system to ensure competence and success of good governess. According to him, bureaucracy can be considered as a highly effective form of organization. He further proposed three types of legitimate authority and control:
Traditional authority which is closely related to heredity control.
Rational legal authority which is related with all forms of bureaucracies.
Charismatic authority that inspire other people due to the presence of certain qualities within an individual.
According to him, rational legal authority is the most effective of all the other types of authorities within an industrialized society. As a result, desired results can only be obtained by implementing the most accurate form of bureaucracy (Spencer, 1970).
Article 2: Fayolism:
Fayolism is a theory of management, proposed by Henri Fayol (1841-1925). This theory analyzes the role of management within an organization. He divided the organization into six key domains that are considered vital in any organization, even today. He believed that workers can only produce quality work when are given a chance to work under the control of efficient management and effective principles. He believed that people should be encouraged through motivation and different rewards. He was the first one to coin the concept of centralization and decentralization within an organization.
After reading these articles, it can be concluded that to establish an effective and an efficient organization and management, it is highly important to maintain rational legal authority to maintain a highly standardized form of bureaucracy. However, according to Henri Fayol’s theory of management, a effective management can be established by focusing more on managerial practices to minimize the ratio of errors and to increase the efficiency within an organization. Both the articles support the idea of maintaining flexibility in an organization to create a stable organizational structure.
List of References:
Spencer, M. E. (1970). "Weber on legitimate norms and authority". The British Journal of Sociology, 21 (2): 123-134.