Summary Of Texas Teen Ethan Couch Gets 10 Years' Probation For Driving Drunk, Killing 4 – Article Example

Texas Teen Ethan Couch Gets 10 Years’ probation for Driving Drunk, Killing 4 Ethan Couch, the teenager who killed 4 people and caused serious injury to many by driving drunk escaped with a 10 years’ probation to the dismay of the victims’ relatives. Justice Jean Boyd sentenced him for 10 years’ probation and another 10 years of incarceration in case he fails to follow the terms of his probation. Instead of releasing the teenager to his parents, the judge decided to send him to a long-term treatment facility. This decision came as a surprise for the prosecutors who had sought 20 year jail for Ethan Couch. Assistant District Attorney Richard Alpert expressed disappointment and said they regret the way the judgment added to the pain of the victims’ families.
According to the report, the teenager had stolen beer from a local Wal-Mart and was drunk well beyond the legal limit. However, the punishment assessment was seriously influenced by the claim of the defense that the teenager is a victim of “affluenza”, a term used by a psychologist produced by the defense (Dana). The psychologist testified that the boy’s life could be turned around with two years of psychological treatment away from parents. Based on this, the defense lawyers claimed that half of the blame goes to the teen’s parents as they are responsible for giving unlimited freedom, resulting in “affluenza”. Relatives of the victims were shocked to see the easiness with which the teenage got off. Eric Boyles, who lost two of his family members, said all his efforts to forget the pain and heal himself have rendered futile because of the injustice in the sentencing (Dana).
The defense attorney claimed that there was nothing more the judge could do to relieve the pain of the victims’ relatives. He pointed out that the teenager would be under the observation of the legal system for the next ten years and any mistake from his part would result in another 10 years of incarceration.
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