The Impact Of The Nursing Shortage – Article Example

The Impact of the Nursing Shortage The Impact of the Nursing Shortage The article is a study conducted by Chan et al aimed at presenting results of a literature review concerning nurses’ motives of leaving their lines of work or institutions. The article centers on the ongoing shortfall of nurses across the world (Chan et al., 2013). From this literature review, Chan et al discover that this issue could have a critical effect on the support for quality caregiving practices if left without a solution for a long period. The article finds knowing the causes for nurses’ departures from their lines of work pivotal if attempts to raise retention are to be effective (Ritter, 2011). Chan et al conduct the study through an assessment of methodically searched, digital databases to note English study reports regarding nurses’ intentions to abandon their lines of work. The article deduced that causes for nurses to leave their jobs are complicated and swayed by organizational and personal elements (Chan et al., 2013).
The ongoing shortfall in nurses has affected me in terms of fitting catheters without inducing sources of infection. Due to overburdening rosters and work schedules, inserted a catheter into a patient in hasty manner. I had to fit this catheter quickly so that I could have time to fit seven other catheters before midday. Afterwards, the patient came down with an infection at the penetration wound that the doctor attributed to poor catheter fitting. I felt overburdened, which caused me to burn out and feel physically stressed and emotionally exhausted. This overburdening work schedule is increasingly leading to cases of poor catheter installment within my work setting.
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