Whole-Genome Sequencing Solving Medical Mysteries Ron Zimmerman Medscape March 17, 2014 – Article Example

Critical analysis of Whole-Genome Sequencing Solving Medical Mysteries. Whole-genome sequencing can determine the cause of undiagnosed diseases and can be done on a small scale. Doctors advocate the use of whole-genome sequencing, attest that have left relatively a good number of patients owe their lives to it.
So far a large example of the power of genomic sequencing can be seen, but Ron Zimmerman has been praised as an exceptional example of what can be done in genomic medicine, even on an undersized level. He has built an entire genetic testing clinic which does both exomes and whole genomes.
Ron Zimmerman however gives clear reason why one would relatively prefer a whole-genome sequencing that the simpler whole-exome sequencing for some phenotypes. He pointed out that whole exome sequencing work ok with others but it will not expose the casual variants.
I believe with Ron Zimmerman success, it will help other medical practitioners to come up with there own systems and programs. I also believe that it will change the ways others practice medicine. As today, a devastating neuromuscular ailment takes 1 scientist less than 1 day to discover a causational pathogenic mutation.
A case in point, you can basically be diagnosed with a syndrome on the basis of clinical features, so the convenience of genetic testing is contentious, as explained by Ron Zimmerman. On the other hand, talking about the field of neurologic disorders, its extremely not easy to sort out whats going on. Thats a region where heredity can help physicians better see their treatment options and eventual results.
Finally he recommends the instant acceptance of whole-genome sequencing. With these rare diseases, with the cost relatively cheap compared with treatment and hospitalization.
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