Assignment 1: Essay / HUM – Assignment Example

Descartes, A Swift Proposal discusses that people are vessels. Rene Descartes’ example of wax is considered to be one of the supreme examples of justifying his point. Descartes is trying to argue that perceptions relies on logical thinking one of the bests Descartes purpose of wax example is used to fulfill many of his arguments. First and foremost was the fact that Descartes insists that “Perception ... is neither a seeing, nor a touching, nor an imagining. ... Rather it is an inspection on the part of the mind alone (Ariew 18, S31).” This was a huge influence in the perception of nature, logic, and reasoning. Descartes began to question the essence of rationale that justified logical reasoning. Prior to this work, it was evident that Descartes began his philosophical career by trying to arrive at reasoning through scientific method than religion.
This allowed other scientists and philosophers to also be proactive and be more bold in their findings. As a matter of fat, many scholars were influenced by his work and introduced their own findings. Innovation spurred at a time period where conformity was the only reasoning. At the same time he wished to show that this new scientific methodology was consistent with Christianity and provided no threat to it. Thus, Descartes had two main aims in the Meditations. Based on my readings, I found the author to be logical and reasoning. He understood the circumstances and the time around this renovation, which fueled his inspiration to write.
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