Assignment In SF 201 – Assignment Example

of the of the Concerned 16 January SF201 This particular case pertains to the action by US Department of Labor, against a convenience store chain for violating the anti-retaliation and anti discrimination provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (United States Department of Labor 1). The company against which this case was taken up happened to be Modern Oil Company Inc. based at Shawnee. This particular company runs a convenience store chain under the name Kwick Stop Conveniences Store and Sparkman Brothers Inc. A particular cashier working at a Kwick Stop store reported to the supervisor that the beverage boxes stacked in side a cooler in the store were way too high and thereby posed a safety hazard. As the supervisor failed to remove or ameliorate this safety hazard, the cashier who originally made this complaint filed a consequent complaint with the local OSHA office. Because of unraveling this safety hazard at the premises in which this employee worked, he was fired by this convenience company after a couple of weeks. This act on the part of the company not only stood to be a violation of the OSHA Act aimed at protecting whistleblowers, but also violated 20 additional statutes aimed at protecting the employees who report safety hazards at the premises where they work, as per which businesses are prohibited from retaliating against the employees who report safety violations at their premises. As per the agreement reached between the US Department of Labor and Modern Oil Company Inc. this particular cashier was reinstated and paid $17,000 in back wages. In addition the company was made to post notices carrying anti-discrimination and anti-retaliatory provisions of OSHA at the facilities run and managed by it.
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