Compare/Contrast Paragraph Rough & Final Draft – Assignment Example

Lecturer Comparison of Two Restaurants: Paulie Gee’s and Roberta’s I have eaten in two New York restaurants famously known for the pizza. The two restaurants are: Paulie Gee’s and Roberta’s. Paulie Gee’s is located in Brooklyn: between the West and the Franklin streets. The website of the restaurant is, and the operation time is 6-11 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; and 6pm-1am on Saturdays and Sundays. Paul Giannone, pizza pro is responsible for producing the original pies. In this restaurant, the superior pizzas entails mixed media masterworks comprising blackened crusts filled with pillowed bubbles and also crispy nooks (Appelbaum 53). The Honey Jones is a major special comprising honey, cherries, Gorgonzola, wispy prosciutto and mozzarella. The average pizza price in is $12. The favorite restaurant spot is the back seat that gives a great view of the custom built roaring oven, which can burn to 1,000 degrees.
Roberta’s restaurant is located in Brooklyn between the White and the Bogart streets. The website of the restaurant is The restaurant is opened at noon to midnight between Monday and Friday, and 11am to midnight over the weekend. This restaurant has proved to be unofficial meeting venue, for the sustainable food movement in Brooklyn (Appelbaum 68). The restaurant was started in 2008, by Carlo Mirarchi, Chris Parachini and Brandon Hoy. The restaurant has a rooftop garden, internet radio station focused on food, and kitchen that produces excellent pizzas like Cheesus Christ that is topped with cream, black pepper, mozarrella, Tellagio and Parmesan. The average pizza price in the restauranmt is $12. The restaurant also produces other locally sourced foods like delicate bibb lettuce, and linguine carbonara.
Prewriting/Rough Draft
Identification of the two restaurants: Paulie Gee’s and Roberta’s. Location of the restaurants: Brooklyn, New York. Exact location: Junction of West and Franklin Street for Paulie Gee’s; and White and Bogart streets for Roberta’s. Performing research on the websites of both restaurants: and provided adequate information on services offered. The working hours for both restaurants are identified, during weekends and weekdays. Types of pizzas offered by the restaurants are; Honey Jones for Pauline Gee’s and Cheesus Christ for Roberta’s. bothe restaurants charged $12 for every pizza, this is an affordable price.
Works Cited
Appelbaum, Robert. Dishing It Out: In Search of the Restaurant Experience. London: Reaktion. 2011. Print.