English Composition-Editing Strategies-repost – Assignment Example

Editing is obligatory part of revision, because it’s impossible to imagine revision without actual editing unless the text is perfect. The editing strategy that Kalea proposes is definitely helpful, because it is focused on details. It is obvious that the main purpose of editing is to correct mistakes and change some details in a text. As it was mentioned in her post, details are the main issue of editing phase. First of all, there must be some criteria to estimate your text properly. Kalea suggests creating a checklist not to forget anything that must be edited. The main problem we usually face with while writing is missing of our own mistakes, so editing phase is obligatory while revising a text. I think that the checklist point is very reasonable, because checking some list of criteria you can remind yourself the points you’ve might forgotten to correct. Probably, the most useful advice of Kalea is to be patient. We all know how hard and labor-consuming the process of revision may be. So it is good to take a deep breath sometimes and keep working. For more convenience Kalea proposes to edit a text piece by piece. This method is supposed to help not to lose anything important to correct, but also you may take some rest between the pieces. I believe that every conscientious writer understands the importance and significance of editing. Actually, we always do editing after our texts are written, the point is that we have to learn how to make it professionally and improve our text work.