Explaining My Cultures((iam From The Middle-east)) Attitude About Peoples Names – Assignment Example

A basically is the identifying icon of a person. It is with that that that particular person is identified and tagged in all realms of life. However, the names in each corner of the world have much to do with the culture of the area. The fact that common names occur for people in the same area is a clear example for this. To explain it further, a particular name can be found to be common in a particular geographic location and mostly it can also be found that some these names are only found in those areas. The reason for this is that that particular name directly relates with the cultural attributes of those areas. As these cultural factors are not relevant in other areas of the world, these names are not spread across geographically.
The culture of Middle East countries depends much on religious attributes relating to Islam. Relating this fact with the theory of relationship between names and culture, the reason for most of the names in the Middle East being Islamic in nature is justified. In general most of the names in the Middle East carries some factor of goodness which is common to the Islamic culture. For example ‘Benazeer’ is a name which means "the like of whom was never seen". This name and the meaning refers to peculiar characters in the Quran. Another similar name is Ali which very common in the Middle East. This was the mane of the son in law of the prophet.
In totality, it can be concluded that names are directly related with the culture of a specific geographic or cultural boundary. As with the case of Middle East, this correlation is relevant globally. However, the interception of cultures as caused by globalization is resulting in usage of cross-cultural names.