For This Assignment, Answer The Question: What Is Your educated Viewpoint On Humans Impacting – Assignment Example

What is your "educated" viewpoint on humans impacting global warming? Do you think human activities are part of the cause, or are this more of a media hype?
Up until a few decades ago, people are very less aware of the term Global Warming and its impact on lives of earthlings. Ever since the debate over the roots of global warming has turn out to be a popular subject, more enthusiastic people have joined in the fight to save the planet. Due to the increased accessibility news outlets, publications and environmental protection groups the last technology oriented decades have seen an increase in communal awareness. While many politicians might argue that humans have had petite to do with impact on the worldwide phenomenon of ever rising temperatures, scientists rely on their research and its findings that human activities have played a key role in raising the levels of harmful gases in atmosphere. The greenhouse effect raises the temperature of earth’s shell via a composite method comprising of sunbeams, gases and dust particles in the environment. Gases that entrap warmth in the environment are acknowledged as greenhouse gases. (Dessler)
The key human activities responsible for global warming are the limitless consumption of fossil fuels and the use of explosives. The major part of burning of fuels happens in vehicles, industries and in power plants to facilitate the luxurious life of humans. (Maslin) The blazing of fossil fuels generates CO2 (carbon dioxide) which is main constituent of greenhouse gases. Global warming is observed to be at the constant raise in the standard temperature of the environment. It is also acknowledged that since the late eighteenth century, the international standard temperature has augmented with reference to 0.7°F- 1.4°F. It is well analysed by the scientists that the approximate temperature would boost an added 2.5°Fto 10.4°F by the year 2100. (
There is an intense need to save forests, lower the emission levels, implement awareness programs and put a haul on the global weapons race in array to save this planet from harmful rays of sun as these harmful gases and excessive heat may perhaps also influence human physical condition, damage natural world and fragile ecosystems.
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