In-Class Assisgnment #5 (Social Science) – Assignment Example

Topic: Cultural artifact is best defined as something made by humans describing their cultural background and providing information about it history and culture. Cultures and artifacts have always been closely linked to one another and cultures are best described their artifacts. Three modern cultural artifacts without which it would get impossible to live and survive are: 1) Cellular phones, 2) Televisions, 3) watches. The reason I have chosen these three as necessities of life today is total dependence of human beings on them. At home we have TVs to keep us up to date with current events, to provide us with entertainment and to watch news. Wrist watches, wall clocks and giant time pieces on different monuments around the world are a convenient way for us to know what time it is. Cell phones are the greatest of all discoveries since they keep us in touch with our loved ones.
The disappearance of these three artifacts from the world would create a state of confusion as no one in the world would be able to know what time it is without a watch. One would have to use ancient ways of telling time and all they could tell would be whether its noon, afternoon or around midnight. We would not be able to fix meetings at 7 sharp. Imagine how hard it was to communicate without a cell phone a few years ago. Cell phones have taken an important place in our lives, making it a lot easier to communicate whenever and wherever we are. Most people have no landline connection these days and they don’t need it since they have cell phones. Without cell phones it would be very difficult again to communicate with each other. Talking about TVs, they have been a part of our lives for decades now. They have kept us up to date with news from across the world. One would not be able to watch news, movies, songs and other things without a TV. Without these three things, mankind would go back a hundred, maybe two hundred back in time and start all over again. It is virtually impossible for human beings to survive without these three things.