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Maximize Value and Make Hiring Fair Companies hire to maximize value and they must be fair. They have to hire because they cannot grow without hiring (Cohan). Recruiting from a few big state schools does not necessarily maximize value and make hiring fair. So companies must cast a wider hiring net to achieve both objectives.
A Wall Street Journal study found that big companies favored big state schools for one-stop shopping for graduates with necessary skills. He cited three reasons for it: First, the cost of hiring from these schools was less than that of hiring from Ivy or private schools. Second, the graduates of state schools were most prepared, academically well-rounded and better fit into corporate culture. Third, the companies were already working with these schools in partnership and had developed inside track (Evan).
Such one-stop hiring makes sense from one angle but not from the other. For instance, it is sensible to save money by hiring many graduates in various disciplines visiting a few big schools and by minimizing recruit relocation cost. These graduates stick longer in the job than their Ivy counterparts and ensure long-term savings for employers as well. Conversely, however, the companies are also missing the opportunity to hire the most qualified graduates from a wider field that could maximize value for them.
This narrow hiring is not fair. Big companies also offer the best and widest opportunities for career growth. Ivy or private school graduates, even with better scores and greater potential, will be left out from such opportunities if big companies limit their recruitment to a few state schools. This will be a loss not only to the left-out graduates but also to the big companies.
In sum, big companies can maximize value and make their hiring fairer by widening their recruitment net. Therefore, they should try to do so.
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