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ID Lecturer Nature and Nurture Playing a Role in Intelligence Both nature and nurture play a significant role towards intelligence. This is because their contribution helps the cause of their growth and development. Intelligence is conveyed from both father and mother to a child which is the premise of genetics being transferred. This is a classic case of nature working to great effect to produce solid results. There are similarities and resemblances which are transmitted across the genetic hierarchies which speaks highly of the nature element which is being discussed here. As far as nurture is concerned, the role played by the environment and regional climate is also one of the reasons how intelligence is transferred across individuals, irrespective of the genetic element that is spoken about in the above lines. Nurture works to good effect when environmental actions and facets are considered in proper roles. The practical importance of comprehending that intelligence is influenced by both nature and nurture surrounds the ideology that both play their respective roles and thus harness the premise of intelligence (Hubey, 2002). This is the reason why nature and nurture are given the much needed significance and hence intelligence is manifested. It remains a fact that intelligence needs to be elaborated upon so that its ingredients in terms of nature and nurture are understood, no matter how difficult or unexplainable the nature and nurture specimen are, and their treatments. Hence evidence speaks for itself under the heading of intelligence here and it should take insights from both nature and nurture to find out the success criterion which is much required.
Hubey, H. (2002). Evolution of Intelligence: Direct Modeling of Temporal Effects of Environment on a Global Absolute Scale vs. Statistics. Kybernetes, 31(3/4)