POLICE ADMIN. DISCUSSION #1 – Assignment Example

Police Administration Discussion I agree that the three main functions of policing are crime control, traffic control, and maintaining public order. As a law enforcement agency, the police have the responsibility of protecting human dignity and human rights (Kleinig, 1996). This can be achieved through crime control which involves arresting criminals and taking them to courts. Traffic control is carried out by police to reduce accidents and protect human beings. Public order is also used to ensure that the public upholds and respects human dignity and order in the public.
There are other tasks that the police should do which they are not currently doing. One of them is healthcare provision. The Police should be trained to provide healthcare because they can use such skills to treat or offer first aid to people who are injured in crime and public disorder (Kleinig, 1996).
There are some things that the police do now which they should not be doing. For example, they participate in political activities. They should only protect the public during political rallies and activities but should not be directly involved in political activities or decisions (Lipták et al, 2003).
As a police administrator I ensure that the assigned tasks are completed effectively and efficiently by managing my time well and utilizing the available resources in the most important ways (Kleinig, 1996). I work with local communities to ensure that I get the relevant information needed to carry out the assigned tasks effectively. I will also call for cooperation from all other police administrators to ensure that we work together as a team to achieve the set objectives of the police administration unit. I believe that collaboration between various police administrators and the local communities will enhance effective and efficient completion of assigned tasks.
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