Revision And Life: Take It From The Top-Again – Assignment Example

of the Revision and Life: Take it from the top-Again In Revision and Life: Take it from the top-Again, author Nora Ephron has emphasized the importance of writing and revision as it should be taught to the students of college level. Revision, as it polishes the writing material, is a good habit to indulge in. The effect of revision becomes evident if one compares his/her first draft to the final draft of the same write up. But on the other hand, I think, the skill of revision is polished with the passage of time and cannot be taught to a greater level in a classroom. It is just like a child’s ability to draw different things. It is just with the passage of time and practice that a child will learn how to draw good curves. What the author has explained in her article can be explained by the help of my own experience of writing. When I started writing, probably in college, I never revised what I had written. The only objective of writing then was to complete the write-up. I never gave it a thought that whether the material that I had written is good or not and whether I have put across my idea properly or not. But when I stepped into my professional life as a Public Relations Officer, I had to write press releases then I learned to revise my write-ups just before sending them. While doing so, though in a little time, I realised that revision makes a difference. It sometimes can completely change the look of the write-up making you more satisfied. It helps you see if you have successfully written what you actually wanted to write in the best possible way.

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