Short Writing Assignment 4 – Assignment Example

TAJIKISTAN Describe one of the reasons that there is a mismatch between the economic needs of Tajikistan and the educational system? How do you think this affects another aspect of Tajik society (other than economic)
Tajikistan has gradually developed on it is economy ever since its independence. It has had to reform its economic policies. The gross domestic product of the country has only grown in the last couple of years. It has improved at an average rate of 9.6% during the period of 2000-2007. The position of Tajikistan has only grown in the last couple of years. As of August 2009, as many as 60% of Tajikistan citizens were living below the poverty line. Today its poverty rate is relatively high and most of its citizens depend on remittances from expatriate Tajikistanis. The education system of the country has suffered a lot of challenges in the past decade. It faces way too many challenges and has been declining ever since. There has not been enough funding by the government in the educational sector. It is important to develop an educational system in the country which encourages critical thinking for its students. It is only in this way will future leaders of the country will take form. Right now the educational system of Tajikistan lacks infrastructure and suffers from teacher shortage. The shortage will grow further because of the high birth rate. The country follows the Soviet system and will continue to do so and as mentioned before the government has sharply reduced its funding in this sector. The need of the hour is to develop the educational system by investing more capital on schools, teachers and other basic educational needs. The number of primary years and secondary years of schooling should be increased at all levels.
2) 2. What are the economic concerns in (one of) your own society(ies)? Name something else that is important to live what you think of as a "good" life? Should, can, or do high school and college address these things? Why or why not? How do you think the educational system could address these needs better - or - who else could address these needs and how?
The economic concern of my society is poverty, illiteracy, corruption, crimes and extortion. I believe that center of all these problems rests with the lack of proper educational system. People end up involving themselves in illegal activities because they are unable to make ends meet by proper means. They are unable to fend for themselves and get associated with robbery, kidnapping and other things on ransom. It is important to give them basic education to be able to fight the urge to demean their lives. Education opens minds, paves way for better and newer opportunities and is the window for more initiative. I do believe that a well established and more importantly a well-penetrated education system can help the society develop, improve living standards and make people self-sufficient such that do not have to involve themselves in illegal activites.