Story Response #8 – Assignment Example

Guilty Story Response Hello Gretchend, The sequence of sentences and phrases in the story is fluent. The uses avariety of phrases and sentences of different rhythms and lengths. For instance, the description of phrases occurs is such a way as to present Luca’s work environment. In addition, the author uses parallel structures within paragraphs and sentences to reflect parallel ideas. A combination of short and long sentences enables readers to perceive varying impacts of ideas presented in the story. The writer uses short sentences when describing the characters of individuals. For example, “Andrew Parks was condescending and power hungry.” Variation of sentence lengths attracts the attention of the reader to the understand details of the passage.
The support and elaboration provided in the story is weak. The writer does not provide sufficient elaboration of ideas presented in the passage, which compromises clarity. For instance, the topic of Lucas’ fear needs elaboration since it dominates the start of the story but disappears at the middle. In addition, the writer needs to create a relation between the subject matter, guilt, and the information provided. Supporting information in the story is inadequately relevant and clear. For instance, the story discusses the characters without coherence and relevance to the topic exception for Lucas.
The author should elaborate the story’s theme by depicting clear relationship between its title and characters’ behaviors. Additionally, it needs to enhance the relations between the theme and the information provided in later chapters. It would be sensible if the writer relates Lucas’ last fear of being a murder convict to Park’s sudden death.