Vietnamese Girl Kim Phuc Running After Napalm Attack, By Nick Ut – Assignment Example

Kim Phuc Affiliation: Memories of the Vietnam War remain fresh in the minds of many across the globe. Decades after it was taken, Kim Phuc’s picture continues to serve as a reminder of the atrocities that befell Trang Bang on June 1972. Kim Phuc, now a Canadian adult, was only nine years when South Vietnamese forces attacked her village (Solar, 2012). South and North Vietnam had exhibited war-like tensions before forces from North Vietnam attacked the South. Response to the attack by the South left a wave of life and property loss. The scuffle left Kim Phuc on fire, making her tear her clothes and run down the street naked.
Nick Ut is the photographer behind Kim Phuc’s photo. Nick Ut worked for the Associated Press of the United States. His presence in Trang Bang was not exceptional because there were other press photographers and villagers who followed the events of the war in Vietnam. However, his photograph has been unique and exceptional ever since it was taken. It captured the suffering, death, and loss of property that results from political conflicts and war.
The suffering depicted in the picture was not all Kim Phuc had to go through in her life. In her young adult life, Kim Phuc would become a propaganda symbol under the Vietnamese communist government (Solar, 2012). This shows the extent to which political players will go with regard to pursuing their personal agendas. Even after the suffering the Vietnam War inflicted on her, Kim Phuc still faced public ridicule and disrespect as certain people pursued their political interests. At a personal level, Kim Phuc is the heroine of her times.
Solar, I. I. (2012). Kim Phuc: ‘The girl in the picture’ forty years later. Digital Journal, June 7.