Writer Choice – Assignment Example

“Biodiversity and Economic Production in Indiana Three primary sectors support the overall economy of the Indiana They include energy, agriculture, and manufacturing. This essay seeks to dissect the perspective of biodiversity benefits to humanity relative to economic production. In addition, aspects such as environmental services will be highlighted.
As a point of departure, biodiversity and environment are attributed factors for the survival of human beings and in the case of Indian state the concentration in enhancing production of energy from natural resources such as coal and biomass has increased the need to consider the benefits of biodiversity and its effects relative to the overall economic growth. In cases of environmental use for production of energy, environmental degradation and pollution are inevitable. This implies that the need to preserve and conserve the environment through waste management is a concern which necessitates the environmental services from either public or private agencies. On the side of economic growth, Indiana State has laid solid foundations on reducing the long period of energy overdependence. The State authority has encouraged and supported numerous projects which are intended to increase the amount of energy from the natural sources. In essence, the State has embraced the efforts to produce the highest amount of renewable energy in the US. This is evidenced by the construction of the largest soybean plant. An estimated a billion gallons of renewable energy is produced currently by the existing plants. With this enormous investment and production of renewable energy, the need for environmental conservation and preservation increases (Global Environment Outlook 4, 48).
In conclusion, biodiversity processes and systems have enhanced the economic growth of Indian State through intense investment in renewable energy sources such as coal and biogas. Sustaining renewable energy production and overall wellbeing of humanity, the environment should be preserved and conserved through services such as waste management.
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