Written Business Communication (Assignment #2A) – Assignment Example

The main purpose of the letter with a negative message is primarily to rein s confidence on the company and its product and services. One bad experience with the product or services could have long term ramifications on the performance of the company and its market positions. Feedback and regular contact with the customers ensures that they are updated with the company’s policies and products/services.
Mrs. Erica Evander is an avid traveler who was much disappointed by missing important tourist spots on her voyage on Diamond Princess. As she travels a lot, she also understands the vagaries of nature and how little carelessness can cause fatal calamities. The sea storms are dangerous and adequate precautions and diversion of sea routes are critical alternatives for avoiding storms. Circumventing the storm was never an option as it could endanger the lives of the passengers on board the ship. Mrs. Evander, therefore, understands the company’s decision for rescheduling of the routes and destinations.
Thus, the company’s offer of 50% discount on any future voyage would be a very attractive proposition for Mrs. Evander. It would help rebuild customer relationship with the customers, especially Mrs. Erica Evander who is most likely to avail the offer.

18th February, 2014.
Mrs. Erica Evander
2408, Fairview Road,
Costa Mesa,
CA, 92629.
Sub.: Compensation offer to passengers of Diamond Princess Cruise ship.
Dear Madam
It has always been our endeavor to provide the customers with the best services and ensure optimal measures for their safe and pleasant journey on our cruise ship, Diamond Princess. Many times, situations demand that we make tough decisions for their safety. We sincerely regret that your journey on the cruise liner had to make hasty rescheduling due to extreme bad weather. But your safety and wellbeing was a priority that had necessitated some unpleasant but very important decisions for changing the journey schedule and halts.
But the good news is that we would like to compensate for the discomfort and distressed caused due to circumstances that had forced rescheduling of voyage itinerary. We would like the pleasure of your company aboard Diamond Princess for the voyage that suits your preferences at 50% discount. We understand that $250 offered as credit for on-board spending during the voyage did not meet your expectations, but it was the best that could be offered at that time. The 50% discount on any future voyage on our cruise is an acknowledgement of our commitment towards you and how we can best serve your interests and heighten your pleasure.
We would be looking forward to your stay on our cruise ship in near future. We reiterate that your wellbeing, safety and pleasure would always remain our priority.
Thank you for your support
Public Relation.
Diamond Princess Cruise