About Sociology – Book Report/Review Example

2 November Uses of Global Poverty Global poverty is a phenomenon that has spread as quickly as globalization itself. The recent financial crisis not only hit the economy of poor countries, but also caused considerable to such advanced countries as USA and Canada. Nevertheless, the global poverty has brought certain uses along with it particularly for the richer and stronger countries. One of the most obvious uses of global poverty is the provision of rich countries in the world with access to the resources possessed by the poor countries.
A lot of theorists are of the view that the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a consequence of global poverty. The wars have provided USA with means to access the resources of these poor countries. There are a lot of underdeveloped countries in the contemporary world that are unable to take full advantage of the resources they possess either because of technological insufficiency or because of the inter-country political crisis. Amongst the myriad of resources that these poor countries possess, two resources that are of prime importance to the rich countries in the West are gold and oil. Although USA may actually not have an intention of accessing the resources in Iraq and Afghanistan, but she got hold of them anyway since both the countries have eventually come under the control of USA.
The use of global poverty discussed in this paper is politically motivated. USA’s commencement of war in Iraq and Afghanistan is fundamentally linked with the incident of the Twin Towers that happened on 11 September 2001.