And The Band Played On – Book Report/Review Example

And The Band Played On Thesis ment: AIDs is being transmitted from one person to anotherand the government ignored it because they assumed the sufferers were gays for whom they didn’t care.
The author of And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic is Randy Shilts who was also a homosexual journalist. He saw the unfairness of the United States of America towards the gay citizens and their problems and decided to bring it out in the open. Thus, the book was published bringing the light to many people who were suffering from AIDs and what the reasons were behind the epidemic and all the deaths.
This book is focusing on the sexual disease AIDs being transmitted from one person to another and how the government ignored it because they assumed the sufferers were gays. Public health was not given the first priority which eventually led to an epidemic. The money was deemed important for other issues - political or otherwise, the doctors wanted fame rather than actually save lives.
Shilts blames the homosexuals themselves for having unsafe sex which resulted in them passing off the diseases to others as they just cared about pleasure and not the consequences.
People were dying because of AIDs due to denial and also because the secrecy was still important to them. They were shunned from society and lived the lives of pariahs.
The blood banks fought against the blood testing system for a few years, so they would not cut into the profits and helped in transferring the diseases to innocent people.
The media refused to give name to the disease, considering it not to be important enough for the general masses to know about.
Of course, there were some doctors, researchers and leaders who worked hard to bring about the change. But that was not enough; hundreds of lives were lost by then. Shilt’s book helps opening the eyes of the public to the realities of the world.