AP Psych Child Development – Book Report/Review Example

AP Psych child development AP Psych child development The article revolves around the concept of attachment and attachment behavior. The two issues are studied based on an ethological-evolutionary perspective. Moreover, the study is based on one-year-olds in a peculiar environment. There is also focus on the biological perspective of attachment behavior. On the other hand, there is a description of the relationship that occurs between the mother and the infant. Such relation occurs due to various issues such as fear. Moreover, the relationship is said to have biological basis. This is based on observation in close relatives of human; primates living on the ground (Ainsworth & Bell, 1970). Furthermore, there is acknowledgment of unique features of the ethological evolutionary concept of attachment. In addition, the attachment development by infant towards a specific person is also argued to have a genetic basis. However, there is the observation that the level of attachment developed by such infants may diminish or increase with time. The genetic bias, on the other hand, is shown to bring certain aspects on the infant. They are deemed as helping infant drift away from the mother with the intention of exploring and acquiring new knowledge concerning the physical environment. Additionally, the study done in the article aims at demonstrating how exploratory behavior is affected by the mother. Such effect occurs based on mother presence or absence. The findings from the study showed the complex association that existed between attachment behavior, response to the strange environment, and response to disassociation from attachment object, as well as the reunion (Ainsworth & Bell, 1970).
Ainsworth, S.M., & Bell, S. (1970). Attachment, Exploration, and Separation: Illustrated By the Behavior of One-Year-Olds in A Strange Situation. Child Development, 1-20.