Art And Gender Book Review – Book Report/Review Example

Art and gender book review In the work, the indicate that gender is a social construction. It is this social construction that led to different gender identities and the expressions that men and women want to have as they representation (Jamison, Felicity & Tarquam 11-20). The physicality of the body also comes into play in a discussion of gender construction. This explains why lots of transsexual men fight to have male genitals that would allow them function well as masculine (Jamison, Felicity & Tarquam 11-20). Gender issues, therefore, are an explanation of how people fight being natural and being artificial in an attempt to fit in a particular gender structure. This explains why the author concludes by indicating that gender cannot be achieved through a discussion of the genitals.
From Interior to Gender Performances
Judith is of the opinion that gender discontinuities do not result from heterosexual, gay, lesbian or bisexual contexts (24-25). The author attests to the fact that gender results from sex as it is the individual’s sex that determines the cultural position of an individual and how they will give meaning to various concepts in life (Judith 24-25).
Personal reflection
From the readings, I agree with the fact that gender is a social construction that results from the socialization of children from birth. After the socialization process, children learn what is designed for their gender, and live with these facts till adulthood. In relation to art and the role in the general society, women have slowly been placed below the men; thus, have been indicated to have control over the women in numerous spheres.
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