Article Review – Book Report/Review Example

Mixing and Managing Four Generations of Employees This article talks about the power of communication between the four generations. As per the article each generation has a distinctive way of communicating with others. It is very easy to understand as when we were kids we were told by our parents to respects our grandparents, we always had to be polite with them and how they always use to teach us on the different ways of the world. In the similar manner various ways of communication has been reflected in this article. One example that can be considered is that Greg Hammill in which he asserts that being aware of these generational differences can help individuals to tailor their message to maximum effect. In order what Greg Hammill suggests is that one should have a clear idea of how to communicate and behave with different generations. Furthermore he suggests that good business is based on understanding others. In this respect I would like to share an experience about my childhood where I realized that a teacher who can understand the students can communicate in the best possible way. A teacher who is friendly and does not try to act as if he is a teacher is likely to be more popular among the students. My communication can be considered to be very introvert but depending on the people and surroundings I open up. Secondly I do not like to brag about something which I have accomplished. I like to respect other people while communicating but if others misbehave with me then I do not feel the need to respect them.
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