Article Review, Managers – Book Report/Review Example

Does Self-awareness and Self- monitoring of Communication Really Works? It is of profound significance for nurse managers to think about self-awareness and self-monitoring of communication skills when seeking solutions to conflict and role modeling good communication behaviors. Rosenblatt and Davis once stated that people always act suspiciously when they feel intimated (52).This implies that managers should be extraordinarily keen when communicating, and this can be accomplished by consistently evaluating and monitoring their personal communication skills.
It is a fact that individuals find it exigent to pay attention to their communication process. In order to be aware of how we communicate as individuals, it is important to make some brief illustration of what happened, how does the condition make you feel as a nurse manager ?, carry out an appraisal and examination of the condition. Nurse Managers are required to finish this condition by making a synopsis regarding what happened and factors that contributed to it as well as recognizing the imperative communication concerns within the dealings on which you are reflecting.
Self-awareness is a process that can take a long period of time given that it assists a person to understand himself/herself better. If self-awareness is properly investigated and necessary developments carried out, then communication skills can improve tremendously. Numerous studies that have been conducted globally regarding communication as an imperative management skill recommend that the most suitable way of improving communication and enhancing staff job satisfaction is by making them part of the decision making.
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