Blog 2 – Book Report/Review Example

Blog 2 The topics presented in provided vital information on how anyone can learn to become a responsible member of the social world. It is through socialization that a child interacts with his environment to learn his culture that consequently creates “a member of the society” in a person. The topic on the importance of socialization is like an eye opener to the reader to realize that there are isolated and abused children out there, who need to be accepted and involved in the society, for them to fully develop. The “socialization and the social world” topic did well in emphasizing the importance of the socializing agents to support one another so as to be functional and avoid conflicts.
The topics presented affect and impact me as “a person of the world” by reminding me not to be self-centered, and take others into account by “putting myself in their shoes.” Every person is unique in his or her own way, hence the reason for the different name of every person for an identity. For a child to develop the “self” in them, they observe others and imitate what they do. Therefore, how I act determines what a child learns and imitates from me, which consequently makes their “self” (Barnes 12).
This topic also affects the social policies and laws because it is these policies and laws that influence a person’s wealth, power and prestige rankings in a society. The unequal resource distribution in a society impacts the kind of persons people become. Therefore, for the authorities to make informed policies and laws, they need to have an understanding of socialization. I agree with the way the topics were presented because they take account of how a person’s actions, directly or indirectly, affect those who are more vulnerable in the society. They also major in all social classes of people. The topics were, therefore, thought-provoking because although no direct solutions were offered, a reader could feel that the solutions lay within themselves, “the individual.”
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