Blog 5 – Book Report/Review Example

Blog 5 The book, our social World, critically addresses major social matters that affect everyday lives of people in a contemporary modern society. The three topics discussed in class majored on crime, climatic changes, and global economic fluctuations that have consequently resulted in global economic hardships. These are present day issues that affect the existence of people. Modernization is on the increase with more people moving from the rural set up to urban centers. Besides, many countries are acknowledging this shift in paradigm (Ballantine and Roberts 341)
The manner in which the authors of the book analyze the issues of crime, climatic changes, and the fluctuation in the global economy evokes emotions and the realistic examples that are raised make one feel a sense of belonging as one identifies himself or herself with the very issues. This feeling dawned on me too as I came to identify myself with some of the issues. I had the urge take care of my environment by making it a little safer than it already is. Climatic changes are caused by human actions. Some of my actions have resulted in this. Consequently, I thus felt challenged to help curb this for the betterment of the environment for everyone.
The topics offered insightful revelations on the roles that we as human play in aggravating the situation. Sound policies can be coined out of the topics and effected by governments world over so as to make the world a better place to live in. The topics and the movies run alongside were indeed thought provoking as they were developed out of effective and factual arguments. Currently, global warming poses a great threat to the existence of humans. Humanity is under challenge to sustain the environment. Consequently, in view of the above mentioned issues, the study is in tandem with realization of environmentally safe habitats for human occupation.
Work Cited
Ballantine, Jeanne & Roberts, Keith. Our Social World: Introduction to Sociology. New York: Sage Publication, 2010. Print.