Book Critique – Book Report/Review Example

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 27 January Book Critique The Buffalo Creek Disaster – This book raises many issues that are not addressed by other books. The subject area about a disaster and its victims is not new as this avenue has been explored by other writers. But this book has an extra edge in providing minute details in an interesting manner. This increases the reader’s involvement with the written text. The book provides details on mundane behind-the-court-room proceedings and also on how terminological intricacies can deny justice to disaster victims. It permeates with a sense of idealism and responsibility towards society at large. The strength of the book lies in providing its readers with excitement as each critical decision point approaches in the story. There are no easy solutions provided and even the basic questions are asked after lots of soul searching. The book reinvigorates not only readers’ idealism but also a sense of responsibility (Stern, 10).
What is Poverty - This article mostly aims at stimulating the conscience of the readers. The passages are constructed in such a way that readers feel guilty for enjoying so many ‘luxuries’ while poor people suffer. There is also an attempt to remove misconceptions and stereotypes regarding poor people. It says that many stereotypes about poor people such as lack of interest in work and propensity towards unhygienic conditions are untrue. Many reasons are enlisted which provide reasons for such existence of poor people. The condition of the poor is described in a manner that seeks compassion and empathy from its readers. The unique struggles of poor people are described in sufficient detail. Although readers are aware about poverty in the world, the article portrays a bleaker picture of the poor (Parker, 3).
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