Book Review On The Book Life Of Pi – Book Report/Review Example

Life Of Pi – Book Review Life Of Pi – Book Review The book d as Life Of Pi was ed by Yann Martel (Martel, 2001). The bookis a fictional one and focuses on the story of a teenager named Pi who spends his life around animals at a zoo located in the region of India. The book is very interesting for those who prefer reading adventurous stories and admire as well as want to explore marine life. The author of the book has performed deep research regarding tactics that can be employed to live in the sea and in this book he has outlined various techniques that Pi implements in order to survive while he is stuck in the sea. I found this aspect of the book to be very interesting because it made me realize that I am comfortably living in my house without needing to do and learn anything extra ordinary that can end up helping me if my life is threatened. This book made me realize that in our life we need to survive in different scenarios and some of these scenarios can be life threatening and in order to survive in these scenarios we need to learn how to behave in difficult situations. This book even restates the fact that all humans are a form of animal and their animal instincts and their animal like behavior comes in action when they feel threatened. One of the most important lessons that I was able to derive from the book was the existence of God. The book and the story made me realize that if it was not the existence of God then Pi could not have survived for 227 days at the sea along with a tiger.
Martel, Y. (2001). Life of Pi: A novel. New York: Harcourt.