Book Review ON THE FIRST 100 PAGES Of The Book Give A Boy A Gun By Todd Strasser – Book Report/Review Example

Give a Boy a Gun The book Give a Boy a Gun is written by Todd Strasser and presents the tale of two school boys who hold their colleagues hostage during a school ceremony (Strasser 19). The reason behind holding the school hostage is simply vengeance on teachers and football players. Evidently through the first chapters of the book, the author gives voice to the classmates, victims, parents, and the boys who held the guns, and asks readers what they can do to bring a difference. The text sheds light on the most excellent ways to solve problems through taking the necessary measures.
Undeniably, a good fiction persuades readers to think hard in relation to issues that affect their lives. In this influential, honest, and troubling novel concerning guns and school violence, the author rises above the problem of gun control through presenting a persuasive look at the unbearable that saturates our schools (Strasser 57). In that sense, the author entreats our children and educators to rejoice the disparities that make us human being, to value achievement afar those on the athletic grounds, and to identify that marching to a diverse drummer is not reason for mockery.
There are no straightforward resolutions to the issue of school violence. However, this book acts as a powerful and guidance tool for both teachers and parents to use in locating the best ways to resolve the tragic rise of teenager violence (Strasser 97). It must be noted that the author uses his gift and craft to hearten the reader to be part of the resolution to violent behavior that is gratuitously costing teen lives.
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