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Department July 30, Subsidizing Plagiarism-Detection Service Plagiarism is an unethical academic conduct, which can have serious repercussions on the students’ future, not only in terms of punitive actions from universities but also in the context that such misdemeanors deprive students from the opportunity of acquiring proper writing and researching skills. Therefore, the student council deems it appropriate to support all endeavors from the university fraternity to prevent such misconducts.
The act of plagiarism, according to the APA Code of Ethics (2001, 5.11), involves the inclusion of “substantial portions” of information or data from another individual’s work without acknowledging the source from where the information is taken (Pellegrini, Symons & Hoch, 2004, p.39). The case study has explained the concept of plagiarism and its negative impacts on students’ future quite well by referring to it as an “insidious threat” and going on to contend that this epidemic prevails in universities across the nation.
The case study further identifies the problem as a concern of all four of the university’s academic colleges due to which purchasing of a license to is being considered. In this context, the case study emphasizes that this system can be useful for checking the plagiarism in students’ writing. It further illustrates that committing plagiarism can be hampering to the learning process, especially in the context of acquiring appropriate writing skills. However, I feel personally that the case study would have been much more convincing if it explains in little more detail as to how plagiarism may affect students’ writing skills and also explain the importance of citing sources in one or two sentences.
It appears that the case study has considered all the options before proposing that cost of the access to will have to partially be borne by the student community also. Many of the universities are working on stringent budgetary controls and it may not be possible for them to bear additional costs for this purpose. On the other hand, it may not be far too much for students to shell out a rise of $3 in the fee and since this step is being undertaken in their own interest, it is likely that this additional cost will encourage them to remain more committed to the writing and research activities.
I have not conducted any research in order to determine the correctness of the information in the case study because the student body is fully aware of the situation. They already recognize plagiarism as a major threat to the academic integrity in university campuses and we welcome the steps being taken by the university to prevent it.
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Reference List
Pellegrini, A. D., Symons, F. J. & Hoch, J. (2004). “Observing Children in their Natural Worlds: A Methodological Primer.” (2nd Ed.). New York: Routledge.