But Is It Art Reading Thoughts – Book Report/Review Example

But is it art The book which is d But is it art by Cynthia Freeland analyzes the phenomenon of art from different, often unusual perspective. For example, in Chapter 5 the author analyzes the way women are represented in art. She points out that while women can hardly be called a minority, but they are outnumbered by man in art. In addition to that, whenever a female art engages sexual themes in her works, she is condemned, while a similar action from a male is considered to be sublimation.
Chapter 6 suggests that it may be particularly difficult to understand art. Indeed, there are many theories which suggest that the very phenomenon in question might be seen as a way to express one’s feelings, to convey them to the audience. Nevertheless, the interpretation of the original motifs of the arts may sometimes be incorrect. In addition to that, art is often seen as a way to transform one’s sexual energy into something more valuable. The author suggests that the cognitive approach towards interpretation of art may also be insightful. For example, many painting contain visual puzzles.
Finally, Chapter 7 analyzes art in the modern age. The author argues that the public knows many famous masterpieces even though few people were able to see them in person. This is the peculiarity of the digital age: reproductions of paintings can be found everywhere. However, the researcher also notices that there is a strong connection between early movies as well as avant-garde art as they try to have a similar impact on the people.