Casablanca – Book Report/Review Example

Casablanca Casablanca movie, directed in 1942, emerges as a thriller due to its gluing and enveloping characteristics. The movie encompasses its director as Michael Curtiz who seeks to explicate Ilsa Lund and her romance life (Pontuso 124). Ilsa serves as a lady that becomes coupled in a dilemma emanating from her affection for two men. The movie entails its captions as a feat, romantic, thrilling piece to viewers. Therefore, the essay seeks to exemplify the fate of Ilsa Lund and the culmination of the movie.
A scene that counts greatly in the movie is "Ricks Café Américain owned by Rick Blaine, an American (Pontuso 39). During a particular night, Ugarte, who encompasses depictions of a criminal, visits the club armed with transit letters he accessed after executing two Germans couriers. However, his scheme of bidding the letters to fellow clubbers fails since Renault authorizes for his arrest and closure in custody; where he meets his bereavement (Pontuso 91).
Ilsa arrives shortly with Laszlo, whom is an escapist from Nazi concentration camp (Pontuso 11). Laszlo, Ilsa’s husband encompasses reputation of an escapee and they intend to acquire the transit letters to aid him travel to America and continue doing his job and ordinary life. This news reaches Strasser; a Major who storms Casablanca to shun Laszlo’s attaining the letters. While in hiding, Ilsa Lund pressurizes Rick using a gun to surrender the letters to Laszlo. However, she is set aback by her feelings and reveals to Rick that her affection was still glowing (Pontuso 62). This incidence offers her an opportunity to explain to Rick that she had to leave him, though they were intimate, after discovering that Laszlo was never executed while trying to flee German camp. She explained that her sentiments, which implied Laszlo as being terminated, were untrue and rushed because he was sickly.
Laszlo unveils to Rick that he entailed the revelation that they were affectionate with Ilsa. Therefore, Laszlo urges him to secure her by granting the transit letters. Laszlo gets prosecuted where Rick schemes for his release on claims that he would arraign him of a serious crime. However, he betrays Renault’s promise and threatens him at rifle point to assist Rick and Ilsa traverse to America (Pontuso 88). To initiate this, Rick executes Major Strasser and tries consulting with Renault and they suggest joining French men at Brazzaville.
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