Commentary – Book Report/Review Example

The Issues Surrounding Humanitarianism Humanitarianism, according to the selection Humanitarianism in Question discusses the issues that surround such neutral organizations in their cause during political conflicts especially in countries where lives are in threat. Issues regarding politics, ethical choices, and safety of these organizations are taken into surface. Humanitarian organizations that value the seven key principles namely; humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality are faced with challenges as they are geared toward service in the midst of demographic differences.
The selection opens with the introduction of how these humanitarian focused organizations are in demand to aid post-war events. They are faced with certain challenges that post them to serious danger as they serve in the battlefield. The conflicts that arise, when looked upon, post threat to these organizations, who in their nature, are supposed to be neutral and harmless. The threats to the humanitarian organization volunteers in the battlefield are tremendous. This is because of the assumptions that militant forces and other extremist have created a perception of these organizations being linked with their Western enemies.
Political undertakings may also be a possible threat in using these organizations in advancing the intentions of certain political powers even if these humanitarian organizations are pledged in being in neutral grounds in helping the wounded and the dying. They can be an asset in advancing territorial strategies for governments—which adds their political value during war. Humanitarian sectors are usually funded by political organizations who do not share the same core principles of Humanitarianism which makes them very vulnerable to infiltrations of selfish undertakings.
Meanwhile, issues that deal with helping wounded individuals who are responsible in the demise of numerous lives are also discussed. The safety of volunteers who are in the battlefield are also taken into account as numerous cases of these volunteers have been killed, raped, abducted, and injured. The selection ends in a more disturbing manner as how Aid givers in expeditions are usually uneducated about who their services will be benefited to and that they might not be aware that they are being sheepishly used as an asset in gaining not good, but selfish ambitions of who funds them behind.