Comparative Review Assignment – Book Report/Review Example

25 March A Comparative Review of Dirty Little Secrets and Poor Kids Dirty Little Secrets, a book by Kerry Cohen, deals with the transformation in girls as they traverse through the phases of pubescence, adolescence and adulthood and the resultant anguish they feel as a response to the physical and psychological changes. On the other hand, Poor Kids is a video produced, written and directed by Jezza Neumann, which narrates the heart rending stories of children who worry about their food and a place to stay.
Dirty Little Secrets has been told from the point of view of teenagers, which makes the narrative quite interesting while enabling the readers to clearly understand their perspectives of life. The main focus of the book is how media projects notions of body images due to which the girls try hard to make them appeal to boys by using their bodies as “tickets to male attention and romance” (Cohen 33). In addition, the books also illustrates how the projection by media makes girls want to pursue boys who they think are “unattainable” rather than hooking up with boys that are easily available (46).
On the other hand, Poor Kids illustrates the lives and sufferings of children who live in the suburbs of American cities, where they do not get “three meals a day” (Neumann 2012). The video also uses firsthand accounts from the children to makes its point, where some children have to help support their families by walking around the “whole town” collecting empty cans, the “non-squished ones” of which fetch 5 cents (Neumann 2012).
Thus, both works demonstrate the anguish of children and teenagers at different levels of life for different reasons and reveal to the audience some significant social problems. In both cases, the creators of the work uses ample evidence in terms of personal experiences of the kids and teenagers involved to illustrate their problem in lives. The authors do not have any bias and instead depict the lives of these characters in an impartial manner.
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